Quintessential is that YOU?!

Hello everybody! It's us... Quintessential! 

How are we all still hanging on out there?! 


We hope that you all are still staying safe out there, but enjoying a bit of our new freedoms. (I for one personally enjoy that margaritas on a patio are welcomed into this new group of activities!) Part of our new phase has included retail and we have been so excited to see your faces. We really did miss you all!

Being in a store alone and with papered up windows had it's privileges such as making fun fashion videos non stop and wearing sweatpants to work. (Pants really sucked after that break! Thank god for dresses and leggings though.) Now that we are back and in action the sweatpants might have to be retired, but luckily we are still working on constantly bringing you fun videos. We enjoyed trying out new ideas with our social media and engaging with our customers in an entirely different matter. Typically during our day to day operations there isn't much room left for innovation or creativity so having a second to take a breath and jump into a new direction was exhilarating. We are happy to have stuck our landing on two feet it seems!

So how are things running now that we are open? As of right now we are open Tuesday - Saturday from 11-5pm. We have reserved 10-11am as well as 5-6pm for anyone who wishes to still have the privacy of an appointment! Our appointments are a great option for anyone looking to receive extra attention, help or fashion advice as well. We love helping you create the outfits of your dreams and this is a perfect opportunity to have our undivided attention!

Not quite ready to shop with us in store? That really won't be a problem! We have overhauled our entire website and devoted time to making sure our best products are always uploaded and ready to shop. As an attempt to still accommodate our beautiful customers who are staying close to home we still have FREE local delivery on Tuesday each week. Between Ladysmith - Lantzville we will deliver to you free of charge on Tuesdays! As always though you are more than welcome to order online and choose to pick up your order quickly in store.

Shop now: www.quintessential.me

Lastly we need to extend a big THANK YOU! For all of the orders placed, giftcards purchased, posts shared, videos watched, and likes and comments given during this time. Every little bit of it was deeply appreciated and it made our hearts swell each week to hop online and see that we were still able to connect with you during these times. Thank you for giving a small local shop a chance! We appreciate our beautiful community of fashionistas.


Stay tuned for many exciting new things to come here at Quintessential!!

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